Practicing Law in San Diego, CA.
  • Draft Your Will and Trust
  • Create Your Medical Directives
  • Design a Plan for Your Wishes

Sebastian Holsclaw Attorney at Law

My job is secure the future for your heirs and help you navigate through the probate procedures.

Sebastian is an experienced attorney in California, specializing in trusts and estates. He has helped hundreds of clients explain their end of life wishes to secure their estate with wills, trusts, and other solutions to make it easier to deal with the complexities and expenses of probate.

For life planning needs Sebastian can help you avoid probate, create a will and trust for your heirs, and prepare medical directives which reflect your wishes.  He knows that thinking about these things can be difficult.  He will walk you through each step so that you fully understand the choices that you have and the plans you can implement.

  • If you own a home in California
  • If you own significant property
  • If you have children
  • If you have a blended family
  • If you have anyone who depends on you

If any of these things are true, you should talk to me about.

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